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Better work, done better.
At Jai Inc is not a tagline, it’s a culture.

We help you do better with our creative and innovative marketing strategies so you can grow your business and successfully navigate the digital world.

We work better when we work together. We provide better solutions when we make branding, advertising and media work together. When our multi-culture, multi-disciplinary team of experts works together, creativity runs through everything they do. 

We strive in the uncertainty necessary to generate the best ideas. We constantly reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of our ever-changing digital world.

As a result, we at Jai Inc. keep our clients and our staff longer than most communication agencies.

They love that we do better, better.


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Our team of experts, the mavericks, the passionate ones, are unified by one main goal: delivering the best in everything we do. Whether it’s media, advertising, branding, digital, Event Management or designing and development, we ensure we get our starting point right: the brief. Once we’ve closely worked that out with you, we let the madness begin. By sharing it with the people who have a wealth of different disciplines and backgrounds, they bring unique perspectives and creative ideas to find the best way to solve your business and marketing challenges.

Brand Identity80%
Digital Media90%
Event Management85%
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  • Archana Shah

  • Archana Shah

  • Archana Shah


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